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Personal Insurance?

One thing most Australians forget in the complicated process of achieving financial stability is having adequate protection against the things in life we sometimes can’t account for. Unfortunate circumstances are difficult to forecast and can be hard to even fathom, however any prudent financial plan must have adequate measure in place for unfortunate events.

such as:

– Death of you or your partner

– Injury preventing work and  your ability to derive income

– Suffering an illness preventing you from work and income

What are the chances?

You might think that you are at low risk of needing personal protection but the statistics tell another story:

  • An Institute of Actuaries Study has found that you have a one in three chance of suffering a major medical illness between the ages of 30 and 64.
  • According to a Lifewise/ NATSEM study, the typical Australian family will lose half or more of their income following a serious illness, injury or loss of one parent as a result of underinsurance.
  • AMP/NATSEM research reveals that in the last decade median house prices have almost doubled while median after-tax incomes only increased by 50% – resulting in  bigger mortgages that take longer to pay off.

One way to provide protection on such unfortunate events is to take personal risk insurance:

Insurance helps mitigate the impact of your unfortunate death on your spouse/partner and other family members, or loss of income due to injury or accident. With appropriate insurance policies your family can ensure the repayments on the house are met, relieve debt, continue the family business and generally ease the financial pressure of losing a loved one or injury to the bread winners in the household.

VFS Group is an financial services firm with an acute focus on wealth creation and protection. Owning our own Australian Financial Services Licence means we are not loyal to any one product are able to identify a policy that’s suits you and your family.



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