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Most Australians will ensure they spend the time and money to protect their valuable assets such as their home, contents & cars. However the most valuable asset for nearly all Australians is to have the ability to earn an income; the simple question must be asked; how would you pay for the insurance on your home or car if you did not have any income to pay the premiums?

No one can prepare you or your loved ones for the emotional strain caused by serious illness, injury or premature death. You can protect yourself and your family against the financial burden caused during such times.

Why Personal


One thing most Australians forget in the complicated process of striving for financial stability, is having adequate protection against the things in life we can’t account for.

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Life insurance will provide for a lump sum payment to your family & beneficiaries in the case of your death. Life insurance is one of the most widely held protection policies by Australians, however most Australian’s are significantly underinsured.

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Total Permanent

Disability Insurance (TPD)

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) provides for a tax-free lump sum in cases of serious illness or injury that prevents a person returning to the workforce.

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Income Protection will provide the insured with up to 75% coverage of their pre-tax salary. With some insurers, you may be able to opt to have future Superannuation payments paid on top of the 75%.

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Through Super

Insurance can sometimes be a costly exercise and seem like a financial burden. There are avenues to pay for the costs of certain insurances through your Superannuation Fund.

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One of the biggest risks business owners and partnerships face is the risk of a key person or partner suffering a premature death or total & permanent incapacity.

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VFS Group is a holistic financial services firm with an acute focus on wealth creation and management. Our mandate is to provide quality financial advice to all Australians.

Our mantra is Knowledge, Opportunity & Wealth. We invite you take this opportunity to secure your future with us.



Danilo is a highly experienced senior financial adviser with an extensive background in developing comprehensive financial strategies for clients.